Origins Kids Ministry Team

Why We Exist
Origins Kids Ministry exists to love our kids and teach them about God, so that they might experience God and share Him with others.

What We Do
The 2 main roles of volunteers in the children’s ministry are as follows:
-Teacher – A teacher will tell a bible story and then facilitate the kids in a take-home art project.
-Helper – A helper will assist the teacher in whatever is necessary.

For more info contact JB and April  Clark email 


Greeter Team

Why We Exist
The greeter team exists to warmly welcome everyone to Origins. We aim to cultivate a fun, caring atmosphere to get people excited about church.

What We Do
Greeters make it a point to welcome each and every person who comes to Origins and attempt to make them feel at home.  They also hand out Bibles and take up the offering during the service.


For more info, contact Russ Polsgrove

Hospitality Team

Why We Exist                                                                                                                                                                            The Hospitality team exists to warmly welcome each person who enters the doors of Origins in the spirit of Christ’s hospitality.
Our team members strive to have a servant heart and a desire to serve Christ by serving others.

What We Do
Team members generally arrive at Origins an hour before the service to prepare coffee and light snacks and stay after the service for a few minutes to clean up. 

What Sort of Commitment Do I Have to Make?

Team members generally commit to serve at least once per month for a given season. Team members may continue to serve consecutive seasons.


For more info, contact Anna Furr  email 

Media Team

Why We Exist
The media team exists to employ media to enhance our attention on Jesus.

What We Do

The media team takes a little skill, or at least the ability and/or willingness to learn. On a typical Sunday, members of the tech team will arrive at church a couple of hours early to prepare for the service. The media team members then run sound, video, and lighting for the service and can also help with networking, PC (MAC) support, and any kind of other geeky stuff as it comes up.

For more info, contact Justin Merritt  email