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We meet 11am Sunday mornings in the center of Tupelo in Gloster Creek Village.  Here is our address:  499 Gloster Creek Village, Suite D-3  Tupelo, MS  38801.  Come one, come all. Bring your friends, bring your enemies.


Russ Polsgrove, Pastor

TBA, Discipleship Coordinator


Origin(noun)-The point or place where something begins, arises

Origins started when a group of people from The Orchard started asking questions. How can we introduce people to a God who is in love with them? What if there were a church where belonging was a primary value? What if there were a church where you didn't have to believe, or even act like a Christian to attend? We believe the Christian life is all about relationship, so our hope is that by inviting people into our lives with God, they are not only able to experience love and friendship, but God as well.  When we say "No one belongs here more than you," we hope that's true of the most faithful follower of Jesus and the most faithless doubter, the most devout lover of God and the most experienced sinner.  

You'll see people from all backgrounds and life phases, and we like it that way.  Origins, a safe place to believe, and a safe place not to believe. None of us are beyond the need for grace, nor are any of us beyond the reach of grace.  If you're wondering for whom Origins exists, it's for you and for all of us--the righteous and the self-righteous and the unrighteous.

Come as you are.  We want you here.  No one belongs here more than you. 

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